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Do you need a helping hand?

Do you have a task that is overly complex? Are you are missing the human resource to perform a task in a timely manner. Or is your team overwhelmed with work? Turn your task into a Taiga Tribe gig!

Publish a gig on Taiga Tribe, let our community know what particular skills you need for the specific task at hand, and watch as the right people wit the right skills make themselves available to you.

How to correctly specify a Gig:

Click on "Gigs" and then "Create a gig" on the upper right hand menu. Follow the step by step instructions and refer to our sample gigs to see the level of detail we consider most adequate to improve your chances of finding exactly the person you need.

Gig title

Give your gig a brief, descriptive and appealing name. This will be the headline that people will first read, and it should allow people to quickly understand what the gig is about in an interesting way.

The professional profile of the desired gigster

Here the trick is to describe the profile you seek in the way the gigster would describe him or herself. For instance don’t say software engineer, say 'developer' which is the term they would most likely use themselves.

Tags and skills

Describe the gig in detail. Make sure you include all the information necessary for someone to understand it without having a lengthy conversation. You will eventually be able to contact the selected gigster and discuss the gig in greater detail, but at first glance this information is what prospective gigsters will use to determine their level of interest.

Other info

  • Physical presence or remote worker:
    Some gigs may require that a gigster meet and interact with a team locally in the same city. Others will be done remotely. Chose the option that best reflects the needs of the gig.
  • Preliminary Work: Indicate if you need prospective gigsters to deliver some preliminary work prior to your being able to choose a candidate. Perhaps you need a design sketched, a logic chart or other work indicating the approach that a gigster would take. Being specific with this requirement, if needed, will help you get to the right person faster.
  • Special Tools: Be sure to indicate if you require that the work be performed with a specific tool (a special drawing program for example) or delivered in a specific format that can only be generated by a specific tool. Our advice is that you indicate special tools only when strictly necessary.
  • Target Market: It may be useful for prospective gigsters to know it there is a specific target market that will use the resulting product.
  • References: Use this section to include useful references. For instance if your Gig involves a design task, a reference may be the URL of a similar design, etc.

Attached documents

Enrich your gig specification by attaching relevant documents.


Indicate the date by which the gig must be complete. Keep in mind that any gig that has not been initiated prior to its due date will be marked as inactive, so be sure you give yourself enough time when posting a gig for the gig to be discovered by the community.

Pricing your gig

On Taiga Tribe gigs can be performed for free or for a fee. If you are paying a fee for a given Gig, you will be asked to indicate the base price you are interested in paying and the currency you wish to use (US Dollar, EU Euros and British Pounds are currently supported).

Taiga Tribe helps you adequately price a gig in two ways. Once you post your base price, anyone on the platform, even people who do not intend to apply for the gig, can suggest a higher price and explain their rationale. People interested in applying for the gig will be able to either accept the gig at the base price, or suggest a higher price (and provide the rationale).

At Taiga Tribe we value the skill and talent of the developers and designers that belong to our community and we do not wish to provide a marketplace that emphasizes price over other factors such as skill or experience. For this reason, we suggest that you indicate the base price that you feel is fair. The community will then weigh in with their opinion. Price will be a function of the skill, experience and reputation, etc.

You can set an initial price based on your internal metrics or through using other references such as

Share your gig

Once you've published your gig, take a moment to share it on social networks using the sharing function located on the right hand column of the main gig page.